Mitch recognizes the importance of promoting the success of our local economy from the bottom to the top. He sees the importance of identifying our community’s strengths and potential and supports regulations which distinguish and endorse incentive programs from both the state and federal governments. He has worked to amend the city budget to increase funding to vital non-profit organizations and believes the priority should always be need based, not a reflection of a budget percentage adjustment.


Mitch backs implementation of an outreach marketing program which would support existing businesses to expand the local tax base and provide living wage opportunities. He strongly believes and has communicated with state lawmakers that we deserve our fair share of the state’s Meals and Rooms Tax. As tourism and the collected revenue from the tax have increased, our municipal share has significantly dropped. Keene’s livelihood can no longer be overlooked.




Main Street is the heart of our city and will soon be moving forward with an upgrade to its infrastructure and the opportunity for a fresh redesign. Mitch will help manage the obstacles and expectations of the project to ensure the revitalization is a success. He will encourage downtown economic development initiatives by working with local banks to bring back the successful storefront renovation loan program from the 1980s. Mitch has been a key advocate for recent projects, including the new ice arena and the public library expansion, and is invested in our community’s future. An important part of our future is also a look back at our past. Mitch intends to launch new partnerships to revitalize the annual festivals which he helped originally establish, namely the Street Fair and the Pumpkin Festival. A part of our rich downtown history, he will work to thoughtfully and safely restore these festivals for a new generation.


The safety of our families is priority. In order to improve community engagement, partnership and trust, Mitch is in favor of increased downtown police foot and bicycle patrol. This additional presence will foster safety, support to solicitors in need of assistance, and relationship-building as a community.


While the concept is at an early stage, Mitch is supportive of the envisioned Arts & Culture Corridor led by Monadnock Economic Development Corporation, in downtown Keene. Throughout the process, he will see there is thorough community outreach, detailed studies, and in-depth funding review. Keene is also long overdue for a practical downtown dog park. This park need not be overly large or costly but would provide a place where both dogs and pet owners can gather and enjoy fresh air and recreation.




Across all levels, our local education system is flourishing and now is the time to expand the relationships between the city and Keene High School, Keene State College, River Valley Community College, and Antioch University. Mitch intends to build stronger partnerships among our communities by joining forces with each school’s leadership. By sharing a common goal of collaboration and achievement, we can inspire and empower the next generation.


Mitch strongly appreciates the value of internships and the lasting impact they can provide. Mitch will encourage local employers to implement incentive programs which would help subsidize college loan debt for students. He will propose the development of a system to recognize local employers who pay a living wage and advocate for increasing the minimum wage to protect vulnerable employees.




Keene is a thriving cultural, recreational, and tourist destination. Having served as a member of the airport marketing committee, Mitch is in favor of the further development and expansion of our area’s airport. At his suggestion, the city is pursing a consultant who will generate the necessary data to market the airport to regional passenger carriers. He is also advocating for a similar survey regarding freight service. Our community would also greatly benefit from increased public transportation. With consideration to our high commuter student populations and booming area tourism, now is the time to expand transportation methods, such as consistent bus service to Keene.




Sustainability and environmental issues must be a priority our community. While Keene may just be one city, Mitch believes it can serve as an environmental example for New Hampshire and our country. With the use of marketing, environmental awareness needs to be raised to continually reinforce its ethical and financial importance. Mitch stands behind implementing renewable energy sources such as the installation of solar panels. Our community must continue to welcome sustainable solutions to all of today’s challenges, from waste collection, to clean water and air, and to renewable energy so that the next generation will be proud to grow up in a place like Keene.


Mitch understands the urgency to address and find solutions to the local substance abuse issue. He will implore his city colleagues to join forces with professionals and apply their understanding and resources to improve individual and public health. We must offer support to those who are suffering and seek new approaches to treatment and prevention efforts. Each member of our community deserves to feel valued and never abandoned.


We must continue to put our families first and protect our homes and neighborhoods. Mitch will collaborate and strive to make safe, affordable housing available for all. He will stand behind the authority of our community development department to assure that neighborhoods are well maintained and continually improved.



We currently live in a divisive time in which we are seeing intolerance become more prevalent and our communities become divided. That is not how we do things here in Keene where All Are Welcome Here, a concept that will be a chief initiative for Mitch as your Mayor. Keene needs leadership that prioritizes inclusion, rejects any and all forms of discrimination, and will partner with progressive local organizations that seek to accept everyone regardless of individual status. Mitch pledges that Keene will lead the way as the most welcoming community in all of New Hampshire.


Mitch assures he will have a management style of delegation and forward thinking. There is no challenge we cannot face and no problem we cannot solve. Our community needs an individual with experience, leadership, and the fluency that is cultivated in many years of service to the people and city of Keene. Mitch intends to promote a collaborative and cooperative environment both in and out of City Hall. He will always strive to welcome diverse opinions and a spirited discussion where all are valued and involved in the decision-making process. His mission is to set a positive agenda, to inspire change, and to keep Keene moving forward.