Mayoral Platform

Building A Stronger Economy

* Education – As Mayor, Mitch will work to bring local business leaders, education leaders, students, parents and civic leaders together to create curriculum options that better prepare students for today’s workforce. By working together, we can build a strong local economic future for our families.


* Infrastructure – Keene must lead the way in southwestern New Hampshire and spearhead investment in economic infrastructure like broadband Internet, road, highway and bridge maintenance & repair as well as investments in smart-grid technology and our local renewable economy.


* A Family Friendly Workplace – As Mayor, Mitch will partner with state officials to enact local measures that assure and uphold equal pay for equal work, end discrimination in the workplace and expand job training efforts.


* Keene’s Renewable Economy – Experts suggest that 28 million new jobs will be created by renewable industry over the next 30 years. As Mayor, Mitch will work so Keene will not only get its fair share of renewable jobs, he’ll work so Keene leads the way. Together with Keene State College, Antioch University NH, River Valley Community College and continuing education efforts, Mitch believes we can forge a new future for our region..

Supporting Local Families

* Public Safety – As Mayor, Mitch will work with state and local public safety leaders to make sure local firefighters, EMTs and police have the tools they need to keep our families safe.


* Domestic Violence – Mitch knows that over the past few years, state cuts have hurt efforts to fully enforce domestic violence prevention laws at the local level. As Mayor, Mitch will work day and night to protect victims of domestic abuse, discrimination and elder abuse.


* Opioids – The fact is, much of the federal and state resources earmarked for opioid treatment and prevention is not getting to those who need it most. As Mayor, one of Mitch Greenwald’s first acts will be to create a regional taskforce to find better ways to support local families impacted by drug and alcohol addiction.


* Mitch is committed to helping local businesses and families make childcare more available and will create training opportunities for new childcare providers.

Fiscal Responsibility

* As Mayor, Mitch Greenwald will fight tooth and nail for Keene’s fair share of state property tax relief funding. We’ve all felt the pinch of misguided property tax “downshifting” policies that have resulted in drastically higher local property taxes. Recently, the state legislature enacted a new law designed to reverse this “downshifting.” Mitch will work hand-in-hand with state leaders to make sure Keene families get their fair share.


* Regional Efficiencies – As the regional economic engine, Keene is uniquely positioned to partner with area communities to create efficiencies and keep local/municipal spending and taxes in check. As a small business owner for the last forty years, Mitch Greenwald has the experience we need to protect the bottom line while delivering needed services.


* Expanding The Tax Base – Through local and state investment in economic infrastructure like broadband Internet, roads, bridges and highways as well as greater investments in local education, job training and the green economy we can create a more robust tax base that will ease the financial burden on local families.

Quality of Life

* From “Meals-On-Wheels” to local homeless shelters, Keene’s social safety net has been negatively impacted by cuts from Concord. Mitch will work with Keene’s state and federal delegates to make sure local non-profits can better help our less fortunate families get the help they need.


* Mitch is committed to spearheading efforts to work with local artists and artisans to expand and develop The Art Corridor.


* “Live, Work, Play,” reflects a way of life that Keene families have embraced for decades. As mayor, Mitch will work to expand tourism, attract young families and bring new economic opportunities to Keene by showing the outside world what we already know.


* Inclusiveness, tolerance, open-mindedness, caring is at the heart of what makes Keene so special. As Mayor, Mitch will do everything in his power to perpetuate these qualities and will work so that these traits permeate every corner of Keene life.